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Monday, February 25, 2008

We use the latest in thermal imaging technology

Thermal Pest Camera
The latest innovation in thermal imaging technology
Introducing the BugEye Thermal Pest Camera. The latest technology in termite and pest detection. The BugEye Thermal Camera utilizes a high resolution monitor to display temperature differences down to 0.05°C allowing the operator to see both warm and cool areas in wall and ceiling cavities caused by termite infestation. Due to the highly sensitive resolution of the unit, active termite leads in hidden cavities are also visible in ideal conditions. A unique capability of the unit is the optional wireless transmitter module for viewing images on a remote screen or documenting inspections on a notebook PC or VCR.
Inspection Process

The following images were taken in residential properties and demonstrate the effectiveness of the BugEye Thermal camera in detecting nesting inside wall and ceiling cavities. Note that an active nest will appear brighter than the surrounding wall due to the heat generated by the termites. Inactive nests will generally appear darker due to the cold 'sink' nature of the mud pack.

Note that conditions such as direct sunshine or cold rain on exterior wall surfaces will have a noticeable effect on what the thermal camera can detect on these walls from inside the building. These effects should be taken into account during the inspection process where ever possible and exterior walls should be inspected at times when these situations can be avoided.


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