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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nokia Carla's screenshot leaked Check it out first here

It seems like Nokia is ready with their next Symbian update, code named Carla. Thanks to the leaked screenshots. Take a look at their upcoming OS. From images it appears that the next iteration of Nokia OS, formally known as Symbian, is very much inspired by the Meego and Windows Phone platform.
The changes in this new version appear to be mostly aesthetic. For starters, the music player features a refreshed UI with rounded buttons. The options menu looks similar to that of Meego. Also, the unlock button on the lock screen is missing, which points to an N9-like swipe-to-unlock feature.
The new portrait keyboard has the same key placement as seen in Microsoft’s WP OS. This is a welcome change, since the current Belle keyboard design is a bit uncomfortable to use.

Reportedly, the Carla OS update will be rolled out for the Nokia 700, 701, 603. Needless to say that the yet to be released Nokia 808 Pure view will also get it. There are conflicting reports about whether this upcoming OS will land on the Symbian handsets including the N8 and E7. According to these old handsets will be given a cold shouder. On the other hand, claims that the update will be made available to all devices currently running Nokia Belle.


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