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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sony Ericsson W380 walkman phone

Sony Ericsson W380 Walkman phone : Sony Ericsson unveiled the latest addition to its Walkman mobile phone portfolio, along with new accessories. The Sony Ericsson W380 Walkman phone is a stylish new offering packed with features sure to set music lovers’ pulses racing. For the music fan on the move, the Sony W380 Walkman phone combines a unique clamshell design with all the music credibility users expect from Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones. The phone packs in innovative features, including Gesture Control, that allow users to mute calls with a wave of their hand. There is also an external display that comes to life only when you need it; to show the name of a music track or to let you know who is calling.
Sony Ericsson W380

Sony Ericsson Walkman phone
“With the Sony Ericsson W380 mobile phone, we address the needs of young, fashion-conscious music lovers,” said Ben Padley, Head of Music Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “The Sony-Ericsson W380 Walkman phone combines Sony Ericsson’s undeniable expertise in mobile communications and mobile music to stunning effect.” The Sony Ericsson W380 Walkman phone comes complete with Media Manager PC software that lets you easily transfer your music, photos and videos between your computer and phone. Simply point, click and drag your music files from your computer to your phone - the software automatically converts your music to the right format.

Sony Ericsson W380i

Sony Ericsson TrackID functionality
Store hours of your favorite music (up to 271 songs) on the Sony Ericsson W380’s 512 MB Memory Stick Micro M2 or tune in to your favorite FM radio station. Hear a song on the radio you don’t recognize but really like? Use the W380’s TrackID feature to tag a clip from the phone’s radio (or any external source) and find out instantly who sings it, what it’s called and which album it’s from. The Sony Ericsson TrackID functionality is one of the phone’s most popular features. Latest figures show that every second, someone, somewhere, is using TrackID to identify a song they love.


Sony Ericsson Gesture Control feature
When not in use, the Sony Ericsson W380 Walkman phone looks discreet and laid-back from the outside. But as soon as you receive a call or play music, it comes alive. Choose different light effects for different callers, and see your music ‘dance’ when the phone’s lights match the beat of your favorite song. Mute your phone with a wave of your hand. Or snooze the alarm if you’re lying in bed. The Sony Ericsson Gesture Control feature allows true ‘handsfree’ handling of your calls for the first time – show it off to your friends!


Sony Ericsson W380 Availability
The Sony W380 Walkman phone brings your music to the surface of the phone, allowing you to control what you’re listening to without needing to open the phone. Skip forward or backwards between tracks or pause the music effortlessly. One-touch buttons on the top of the phone light up when the Walkman player is switched on and a hidden display comes to life, providing track information at a glance. The Sony-Ericsson W380 cell phone is a GSM / EDGE / GPRS 850 / 1800 / 1900 clamshell phone and will be available in Q1 2008.


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