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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sony Ericsson Launched the New Touch Screen Phone G700 And G900

February 11, 2008 – 10:56 am

Sony Ericsson G700


Sony Ericsson Recently launched a next generation of phone: Touch-screen organisers with a broad appeal. The G700 & G900 Mobiles are essential tools designed to organise the lives of all those with busy schedules to juggle, both at Work and at Home. The G900 has all the functions of the G700 with the extra features of a 5.0 mega-pixel Touch Auto Focus camera, touch photo album and editor. Read More about G700 And G900 After The Jump.


  • 1 touch full organiser functions
  • Touch controlled Notes application - write and draw your memo’s
  • Large 2.4 inch display with unique single touch control menu
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Compact size

Access your calendar, reach family and friends & scribble and save your notes on your Cellphone. With the Sony Ericsson G700, you can jot down a note on the screen with a stylise, just as you would with a pen on paper, and save it on your Mobile’s desktop to remind you.

With the Sony Ericsson G700 you can enjoy touchscreen text input, Web surfing, calendar and phone navigation. You can easily  browse your photo album using the tip of your finger. The Sony Ericsson G700 also has dedicated keys for messaging, notes and a key lock on the side of the phone.

Sony Ericsson G900


  • 1 touch media experience
  • 5.0 megapixel camera with one touch Auto focus and Multi-shot function
  • 1- touch media and organiser menu
  • Large 2.4 inch display with 1 touch control menu
  • Wi-Fi for fast speed data transfer and internet browsing

Just Frame your shot & decide where you want to focus the camera by simply touching the screen. Also, with Camera Multi-Shot - hold the camera key & take as many pictures as you want. Scroll through all of the photos on your phone with only touch control and even edit them there with the Touch photo album and editor.

Want to surf and want to check Mail Anywhere? Access your favourite Web pages and Check ur Important Emails when you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot and view them on the large 2.4 inch display. Use the stylus or your finger to zoom-in or pan around the page. When you have barely got a moment to spare, get RSS feeds direct to your phone for the latest updates; news, football scores or whatever you are in to.


The G700 will launch in Silk Bronze Color & the G900 will launch in Dark Red and Dark Brown Color. Both are UMTS 2100 and GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 phones that will be available in selected markets from middle of 2008.





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