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Saturday, January 31, 2009

earning methods

Earning Money Online

I am currently what is known as 'Super Affiliate, in that I earn my living from making money online. This page shares with you how I earn upwards of £10,000 per month online, that is, I earn well over £100,000 ($200,00) per year from the comfort of my own home, please do not be deceived by other sites that say you can do this over night, this is something that has built up over time, but it is possible. As you can see from the figures below I earn a good living, I work just a couple of hours a day as a majority of these sites, once setup, run themselves. I am however always looking for the next idea that will improve my Affiliate business.

There are many ways in which you can earn money online; this article will focus on some of the methods that I use.

Monthly Earnings - December 2007

The table below shows my monthly earnings from all my affiliate sites. The table is based on the Affiliate Network that that I earn from, although some of those only have a single affiliate program.

The month of December2007 proved to be a record month for earnings, mainly due to Christmas and a couple of new projects that i launched.

Text-Link-Ads £3,949
Trade Doubler £1,989
Commission Junction £1,823
Affiliate Window £1,625
Affiliate Future £1,425
Auction Ads £6,87
ClickSor £445
Bidvertiser £214
Adbrite £189
Alt £156
Adult Friend Finder £143
Total Earnings in £ £12,645
Total Earnings in $ $25,290

Earning Money Online without a Website

Not a web designer or programmer? Don't have any web Space? Well there are still many ways in which you can earn money online.

Direct marketing of products

This is a very simple and rapid way to get started:

  • Think of a niche product and research on Google what competition there is (look for the adverts when you search on your key words)
  • Sign up for one of the affiliate networks listed below.
  • Choose a merchant, that stocks your product and sign up for their programme
  • Sign up for a free Google Adwords (see below for alternatives)
  • Create an advert, choose keywords and set daily budgets
  • Point your adverts URL to the affiliate link provided by your merchant
  • Watch the cash roll in!
  • Monitor and refine your keywords and watch even more money roll in!

There are many different services other than Google adwords such as Text-link ads or Adbrite.

The advantage of this method is that you can sit back and do nothing while the money pours in!

If you sign up for Text-link ads at the moment they are offering $100 worth of FREE ads, that is plenty to get your marketing started simply by signing up!

Earning Money Online Using Websites

If you are able to create a website your options are literally endless, you can use the methods above but instead of pointing visitors directly to your merchant you can point them to a 'landing page' this can be used to pre-sell the product. To do this you write a short page with contains details about that product and a review written by yourself, then have a 'buy now' or 'click here for more details' link which is a link to your merchant via the affiliate link provided.

This method gives a higher success rate than simply directing visitors to your merchant as you can warm them up to buy.

If you are a programmer and are capable of creating a dynamic site in something like PHP or ASP, then again this opens up bigger options to you, many merchants provide datafeeds of all their products meaning that you can effectively create a full ecommerce site with 1000's of products very rapidly, instead of a shopping basket you direct visitors to the merchants site, when they buy you get money!

You then need to promote your new site, you can do this by using something like Adbrite or Text-Links ads who are currently offering $100 worth of free advertising.

Once set-up you need to do nothing apart from monitor the money coming into your account.

You may also want to consider placing adverts on your site this way you can earn not only from commissions but also from clicks!

Earning Money from Blogging

Earning money from blogging is a very popular method of earning money online. If you have a successful blog or you are about to start one, you can easily turn your visitors into money.

Simply by putting contextual adverts or Text-link ads on your site you can earn good money, remember your visitors are interested in the subject of your blog so if the adverts are contextual, i.e. they relate to the subject of your blog then people will click on them, each click means maybe 1 or 2 pence, small fry you may think but when your blog takes off you can get thousands of clicks you will make good money.

You should also consider something like AuctionAds which places adverts for Ebay auctions on your site, this is keyword based so you can make sure that the items that appear are relevant to your site, you will then get commission on that sale.

Just as a small footnote, I earn about 25% (yes over £2500 per month!) of my monthly income from Text-Link Ads! It is well worth signing up for their service to see how it works for you! As an added bonus they are also offering $100 worth of free ads so you can promote your site.

You should also consider placing a earn per click search engine facility on your site, services such as 7Search allow you to offer web search facilities from your site, a great feature for your customers, while you earn as they search!

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